About Us

GujuFood.com is a family owned and operated business based in india and in some time we are with much of country.We are proud to offer true, traditional taste of Indian food products, by specially importing them from India at a very reasonable price. All food items we import go through strict and closely monitored quality control at each and every stage of food process till packaging.

GujuFood.com aim to- serve truly authentic taste through a range of different products.We promise all our customers that we will continue to explore and bring exotic flavours of India. Our successful business strategy is to provide a good taste.

We only provide famous food "snack" from different location of india like Rajkot famous chiiki,chatni,chevedo,Jamnagar famous kachori, kutch famous dabeli masala,kutchkhavada famous chevda,mumbai famous halvasan and much more item from famous city,state,country. We are passionate about providing quality Indian food.