About Us

About Us

  • Must try Indian Traditional Food from order by own app gujufood.
  • Gujufood is associated with famous food of various cities and countries.
  • We more then 10 thousand satisfy customers.
  • Get famous food of various cities of your doorsteps only in 5-7 working days.

gujuFood.com is a family owned and operated business based in india and in some time we are with much of country.We are proud to offer true, traditional taste of Indian food products.

Dream project under "Make in India" 

Mr. Krunal Bhanubhai Panchamiya, living in Rajkot city, Gujarat, was in search of Best Job for himself after being expert in "Master of Computer Application" also find good job. During this, inspired by Shri Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India) '' Make in India '' project, Krunal got a new idea that the online business has shaken in today's era.

In today's era, people are going away from home for their careers; they have to forget the famous homestead food with their lifestyle changes. Keeping this problem in mind, a website called www.gujufood.com is created by Krunal for selling "online famous food" with profitability and scalability.

Famous distinguished snacks and dessert center from different cities joined the international online market with aggregate new offers. Including Jamnagar’s Kachori, Bhavnagar’s Ganthiya, Porbandar's Khajali, Rajkot's Penda, Chikki, Khakhra, Sing-Daliya etc.

In addition, a "CHAT" response has also been included for any inquiries on the www.gujufood.com website, which has been operating continuously for corporate order, bulk orders and gift packing orders, which is being implemented in international online business. For more information, contact at +91 72279 72280. In addition to credit-debit cards for online orders, various wallets like "paytm" are also available.

Gujufood Gift Voucher is a good option for spreading good feelings in lover birds and friends. "The Affiliation Program is entitled to a compensation of 2%.

What are you waiting for? Have fun with your family members and friends just by making an online order today.