Shree Krishna Sweet Mart

Shree Krishna Sweet Mart

Shree Krishna Sweet Mart

Shree Krishna Sweet Mart has been into the sweet business since genreations in the Sukhadia family. It has faced a number of ups and downs since its inception. But, under the leadership of Shri Manharlal Sukhadia, it took a new turn towards horizon. Without losing any hope or getting discouraged, each and every member of the team stood together to make this journey of success.

Shree Krishna Sweet Mart was initiated with a small shop in the town of Khambhat, Gujarat. The products were limited and the so were the customers. With this situation and a hope to bring up the name and bring a sweet revolution in Khambhat. Mr. Bharatkumar Sukhadia and Mr. Nand Kishor Sukhadia were the first torch bearer after Shri Manharlal Sukhadia to lead march towards the door of progress. His team consisted of Mr. Kishan Sukhadia, Mr. Ravi Sukhadia, Mr. Chintan Sukhadia and Mr. Jay Sukhadia.

Today, Shree Krishna Sweet Mart has its customer bank starting from the small town of Khambhat and reaching up to exports in United States as well as Australia. We strongly believe in our quality aspect. Be it any place, our sweets should turn out to be unique in its flavours as well as its taste.

Our quality aspect sees no compromise in the way of preparing the sweets or namkins.

-> Shree Krishna Sweet Mart has its name since the last five decades in the field of sweets and products.

-> Shree Krishna Sweet Mart is one of the oldest brands for sweet business.

-> It was situated in Khambhat, Gujarat, India.

-> Shri Manharlal Sukhadia was the founder of Shree Krishna Sweet Mart. 

-> Shree Krishna Sweet Mart was famous for its different sweets in all over India.

Papad Chavanu 500gm

Papad Chavanu 500gm

Papad Chavanu -> The name Papad Chavanu itself is enough to water the mouths of the viewers...

Rs. 180.00

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