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Cashew biscuits are much more like a cookie, designed in such a way to reach people’s heart. These biscuits are basically round in shape and are engrossed with small bits of cashews spread over it entirely. Cashew is said to have high content of carbohydrate which is possibly required by our body. Cashew enhances the taste of the biscuit providing it a rustic and crumble look. It makes a crunch sound between your teeth and the buttery cracked edges are slightly more golden than the center. Karachi Bakery of Hyderabad delights its customers with its famous Cashew biscuits baked in healthy atmosphere. With, you can order these biscuits and enjoy them with your family. We assure you for its delivery at your home.

Hyderabad's famous Karachi Bakery has been delighting hearts since 1952. Now it has become a household name not only in Hyderabad, but across India. Mr.Khanchand Ramnani, a Sindhi migrant from Karachi, came to India during the partition and started the first Karachi Bakery shop at Mozzamzahi market in Hyderabad in 1952. Today, thousands of trusted customers make a bee line everyday to purchase the hot biscuits and bread. The aroma of bread and biscuits which emanates from the bakery is simply irresistible!

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