Sadi khajali 500GM

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There are only a few snacks and sweets on which a particular geographical region can claim its monopoly. Khajali is one of them. It is a specialty of Porbandar. In fact more the hundreds of snack makers of Porbandar proudly boast that it has remained restricted to Porbandar only because its atmosphere suits the making of Khajali. So be it, but it doesn't matter as long as you conveniently get to have your hands on this savory food item.

Khajali is made of finely grinded wheat flour (Mendo). Unlike other snacks it is fried in Ghee. Further it comes in different varieties; sweet Khajali (Sata), mild Khajali and masala Khajali. It is also known as flaky fried biscuit, because when you take a bite of Khajali it disintegrates into thin flakes in you mouth. Khajali is an all season snack or sweet but especially when sweets are exchanged with dear ones during festive seasons, sweet Khajali tends to claim a big share of the pie.

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