Dryfruit Kachori 200GM

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Since 1979, Shri Rajesh Kantilal Padhiyar’s JAIN VIJAY FARSAN MART is well famous for its DRY KACHORI AND DRY FRUIT KACHORI for its quality and wonderful taste with no compromise for quality and service.
Though Kachoris are native to Rajasthan, this DRY FRUIT KACHORIS are also famous in Gujarat. A mild sweet and spicy dry masala with dry fruits wrapped in a crisp outer layer of maida is called DRY FRUIT KACHORI. Unlike normal kachoris, these dry fruit kachoris are enriched with dry fruits, have long shelf life and can be stored for few weeks to couple of month.
It’s also little sweetish when compared to normal ones. They are typically tangy, spicy and sweetish with bursting flavors of coriander, fennel, sesame and poppy seeds. Rich in flavor and mouthwatering taste makes this Dry fruit Kachori a favorite snack with tea /coffee, at parties and for festivities.
Jain Vijay Farsan Mart Kachori is perfect for satisfying your hunger cravings. Purchase online on gujufood.com at reasonable price.

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