Chilli Garlic Khakhra 400GM

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Shreeji Khakra is a well-known Kharkra manufacturers and exporters established in Rajkot, Gujarat.Shreeji brand’s Khakras are well-known for high quality, superior taste, and hygiene all across India.

Their products are manufactured with 100% whole wheat with no added preservatives or artificial flavours. Shreeji Khakras are exported to UK, UAE, Africa, and also to USA.

We are manufacturer of high quality Khakhra, Our brand name is : 'Shreeji'.At each stage of production, we are much conscious about aroma, taste, quality & Hygiene of our Khakhra. We procure superior quality Wheat consistently, & get ground. 100% Whole Wheat Meal is used – No `Maida’ (Wheat Flour), & Roasted with a little amount of best quality edible oil.

Various Flavors of Spices & Vegetables - Fresh &/or dehydrated - are manufactured, namely :

: Regular Flavors :
 >> Mast Masala
 >> Rich Methi
 >> Jolly Jeera
 >> Palak
 >> Classic Kothmir-Marcha
 >> Plain
 >> Chilli Garlic
 >> Tomato Chilli
 >> Pav-Bhaji

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