Sikandar Khari Sing pack of 5 (500 gm each)

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Sikandar Khari Sing

Sikandar Khari IS FAMOUS CITY FOOD FROM Surendranagar.Sikandar Khari Sing is a roasted salty peanut. It contains high amount of nutritional value. A combination of khari sing-daliya (roasted chana) is a popular form of healthy snack liked by people of all ages. Peanuts are frequently used in sweet dishes, snacks, milk shakes and many more food preparations for their taste and for their nutritional value. Sikandar’s Sing is well known for its diamond quality big size peanuts. These shelled roasted peanuts are vacuum packed to preserve its taste and life and exported to many countries.

Mr. Akbarali Nazarali founded the company way back in 1970. He started off his work with very small scale, catering on a bicycle. Mr. Sikandar Lakhani, elder son of Mr. Akbarali Nazarali, jump started the business with his dedicated efforts and determination. This was the time when Sikandar Sing became famous and renowned throughout the world. And now Surendranagar is become famous itself through Sikandar’s world famous Peanuts (Sikandar Sing).

- 100% Vegetarian
- Delivery Available Throughout India
- Freshly Baked
- Free Gift with every order

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