Plain Bhakhari 400GM

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It is basically mixed-up with methi and wheat flour.Homemade Bhakri (or Dhebra) is a round flat unleavened Indian roti or bread. It is coarser than a roti and can be compared to a British biscuit with respect to hardness. Also called as Namkeen or savouries or dry farsan or Snacks or Nashta / Naashta. Also spelled as Bhakhri or Bhakari or Bhakhari. Unique

Serving Ideas: It is taken in morning or some time as evening as snacks.

Taste:Crispy and Delicious

Store:Suraj Food Products, Rajkot

Ingredients:Wheat Flour,Palm Oil,Fenugreek leaves,Iodized salt,Termuric Powder,Cumin Seeds,Coriander,Fenugreek Powder,Sesame,Asafoetida,Red Chilly Powder

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